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City of Panama City, FL.

Panama City, FL, 32401, US


City of Panama City

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Deactivation and Activaton Dates must be within 10 days of the other. Service at current address and new address may overlap if needed.

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If you are completing this application from a smartphone or tablet, snap a picture of your Govt. issued picture I.D. along with the cover page of your lease and attach to the application in the fields below. Most all file formats are accepted (PDF, JPG, PNG TIFF etc).

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The undersigned applicant for residential water/sewer/garbage service states that the information provided in this application for city utilities is true and accurate to the best of applicant's knowledge. Applicant also understands that all charges are due as billed and accepts total responsibility for payment of all charges incurred for the services provided, including reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred for collection of the unpaid balance.

Furthermore, the undersigned applicant consents that water services provided at the location listed may be turned on without applicant or applicant's representatives present. Applicant further agrees to hold the City of Panama City and its employees HARMLESS should the property, building(s) or premises incur damage as a result of water connection.

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